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Jade’s skill with the Tarot is not just “a card reading”. She is directed by her Spirit Guides and Angels through any deck, to receive messages for the client that comes to receive a personalized message. The Tarot is only a tool for her to “see” extra details and helps give her clients a focus. Jade channels direct messages she receives from her clients Guides, Angels, and/or Ancestors, and in addition, includes practical “coaching” to lift the energy and spirit of her clients. Coaching helps to give her clients a sense of direction. Jade’s purpose is to assist her clients to gain self-esteem, manifest their intuitive gifts, and to guide each person to have clarity in their life, so they may be able to live the life they truly desire.

During a private session in person or on the phone, you will receive exactly what you need to remove the blocks you feel in your life, and gain perspective that will lift your spirit. You will be given divine messages and timely advice during the session through comforting words from your Guides and Angels. You may ask any question that is on your mind, from past experiences to get resolution and closure; to present, which may include work related questions, stock questions, health issues, relationship questions, and what may lay ahead in your future. You will feel complete and satisfied with your guidance, as these are messages from your personal Guides & Angels.

Jade channels for people all over the world. She has been asked many times to assist those who are in need of finding lost ones also, and has a very good success rate. She does dream interpretation, and past life regression with the aid of Archangels and Spirit Guides. These channelings will permit the client to experience great healing and be able move forward in their lives with much more ease and satisfaction. Upon request, Jade will give you the names of your Guides, and personal Angels who are assisting you in your journey.


PRICING for a Tarot Channeling:

 1 person:                             40 MIN  –   $75                  60 MIN  –   $135

2 to 4 people:                        Contact Cisnebella INC for private consults

5+ people:                              Contact Cisnebella INC for private consults

Group Rates increased: In a one on one reading Jade speaks with a persons guides to give them the most current and accurate information and direction for their life, this takes a lots of concentration and energy. When working with a group the Jade has to work with more guides,angels and energy. Contact Cisnebella INC for more information in regard to pricing.


**********       SPECIAL NOTICE      **********

The owners, operators and board of directors of Cisnebella INC have decided that it is not in the best interest of the company, the psychic/channeler or client to  allow free or discounted readings either in person or via emails or phone due to financial considerations including operation expenses, advertising and other daily business expenses of the INC. as well as the financial consideration of the psychic/channeler.

Please do not ask for free readings either in person, email or over the phone as this is not the psychic/channelers decision to make.



 Jade was given the opportunity to be one of the first Reiki Masterships in Utah. She received her certificates in 1994-1995. She then added the Karuna Mastership in 1996, which added the Holy Fire. Holy Fire increases the healing process for individuals.  She has been able to assist thousands of people with this gentle healing practice.  Reiki is non-invasive, and very deep healing occurs through the auric fields, and meridians in the physical body and subtle bodies in a client.   Reiki allows the client to receive the healing energy at their pace.  Reiki, (pronounced Ray-Kee) can be used remotely to heal your loved ones that you cannot reach in person.  Jade’s special form of Reiki includes past life experiences, and severe childhood trauma.  Be sure to ask for healings of your pets.  Reiki is an excellent means of healing for them.

At a session you can expect a quiet environment and receive the personalized quiet healing you need.  It is best to have several sessions to receive the full benefits of healing, from emotional to physical.  The session is about 40 minutes.  There is consultation beforehand, and then the healing session follows. If needed, home sessions can be arranged.  Pets, large animals sessions are approximately 20 minutes long.  This is an excellent way to for healing of your four legged loved ones.

Classes & Attunements: Jade also is available for classes and attunements. Prices upon request.



Jade has been active and in devotional service in Native American circles since 1994. She includes it in her everyday life. She has attended many sacred Inipi Ceremonies (sweat lodges). Jade has poured lodges for Healing Lodges for many years, and also Women’s Moon Lodges. She has completed four vision quests, and supported many Sun Dances.  She also has accepted the great responsibility presented to her by her Elders to carry a People’s Pipe.  This is a very sacred responsibility.  When children of the earth ask her to pray for them, she will do so without question. In this ceremony you may ask for whatever you desire with the Pipe. Jade will sit with you and as you ask for what you need, you can be sure your prayers will be answered by the Creator. The Pipe ceremony is very sacred, and Jade carries this responsibility with great humility.  She considers it a great honor and maintains dignity at all times. She has great understanding of Mother Earth and Animal Totems. Jade’s desire is the healing of our Great Mother. She has taken on many students and have taught them to work with their personal Totems, and learn about the signs we have available to us each day, and integrate them into your daily life.  Her desire is to assist you to Walk in Beauty during your lifetime, and honor our Mother and All Our Relations.

This is a ceremony that Jade, also known in Sacred Circles, as White Raven Woman, may be called upon to assist those that are seemingly lost, or need assistance to move on through the West Gate, the place of rest, will be glad to help. The pipe will be a great blessing to a new home, a new birth, or marriage ceremony.

If you desire Jade’s services in regard to these sacred ceremonies, you will need to speak with her directly, and she can advise you the best possible way to help you. Remember, there is no fee for the healing Pipe Ceremony, House blessings and clearings are separate.

Classes: Totem Animal classes are available upon request. Usually a one-day seminar is offered to receive your totems, and how to work with them.



Jade uses her shamanic abilities to assist her clients to break old past life patterns that repeat themselves in each lifetime. She works with totems, Guides and Angels to assist her to help her client. The Pipe Ceremony may be used in this work, as well as step by step classes and personal guidance to teach the client to understand the mystic world of shamanism. Please contact Cisnebella Inc. to ask for more information.



Due to her extensive experience in the paranormal, ghost haunting and spiritual expertise, Jade is often sought out to clear homes, land, and communal buildings alike.  This is a very intricate process, in which Jade has been known to clear homes that are over 100 years old. Because of her extensive training as a shamaness and healer, she is gifted to be able to clear energies that even the most sought after trained experts have not been able to do. Upon the clearing, she does extensive prayerwork to make sure the home, buildings, or land is at peace.  Contact Cisnebella LLC for more information in regard to pricing.








Jade is available for public speaking and hosts retreats.

(801) 884-9889