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October 20, 2009

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PSYCHIC         19 Oct 09

How do you know your mentor is in yourself or help on the Other Side?

As I sat most of the morning waiting for a client to show up with nothing much happening, I decided to “obbie gobbie” my client list and whisper to the air, “ok, guys time to work”.

A short note: now remember I am not going to give away details of  people’s lives, mostly what I go through..hence the name my amusings..

Today Ella joined us, yes, that beautiful Singer that brought us Jazz. She was letting me know that the everyday people are forgetting her, not her jazz fans, but, you know…Yes, you can roll your eyes, but this happens all the time as you will find out day to day with me..People stopping by..even those on the other side. She wants to mentor my client. Ella will be able to sing right beside her..eventually, she’ll be back on stage…


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