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October 21, 2009

A DAY IN THE LIFE AS A PSYCHIC                   20  OCT 09

Got up and set my day up with Reiki, which is a Healing Modality for those who don’t know what that “clears the air” and I can send it ahead of me to set myself in my own space.. Yesterday, speaking of Reiki, I did this healing work on my new puppies, and they are soooo cute. Their names are Duke & Rhett.. So now you see I love the Old Film Greats..Duke is John Wayne’s nickname, and Rhett is obvious. Gone With The Wind great Clark Gable. Anyway, little Duke has a heart murmer, and since boxers are known for that, I decided I would do this healing with him. I always ask permission, and I got a good lick on the face as his answer. Rhett sat by my side also. I will tell you it is amazing to watch how animals just allow themselves to surrender to good stuff…Both puppies fell fast asleep and received the healing they needed. I am quite famous for “knocking my clients out” to sleep mode with Reiki, be they human or animal.  I have worked on other boxers, and offer my services to breeders to help their pups and parents to receive big L.O.V.E. It does work…I have seen amazing results!!! I figure if I keep working with his little heart, next time he goes to the vet he will be healed


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