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October 22, 2009

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PSYCHIC                          22 OCT 09

Channled message from Lakshmi- Goddess of Love and Abundance

I was channeling Lakshmi this morning with a client, and this was the teaching…My client was wondering what happens when one passes over..she gave this message…

Think of a dandelion..and a child blowing the seeds to the wind..the seedlets find their way to a new place and recreate themselves in the place they land..The child blowing is the “breath of life” innocent and in full wonderment of emptiness…the dandelion is the essence of ourselves exiting out of the body and flowing out of ourselves moving�to new places, becoming renewed, or reincarnated.

I will share different teachings she gives here and there. They are always profound and I am grateful.



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