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November 5, 2009

Angel Card  Archangel Sandalphon. Angel of Power.  He helps us to send our prayers to God.  He was transfigured from the prophet Elijah to his status as Archangel.  He is the feminine aspect of Warrior as Archangel Michael is the male aspect.

Sandalphon asks that we be very gentle with ourselves today. We are going into the hectic holiday season. Where once it was a time of gathering with families and slowing down for celebration, we are ever in our minds wondering how we can cover all the bases from work to the goal, which of course, is Christmas. It would be good, Sandalphon says, to surround ourselves with gentle people, slow down, and let go of worries that we won’t be able to do this, or that. Quiet your mind, let go of “have to” and make a different list this year. Give your worries to him for this season, and he shall take them to Heavenly Courts.  Take care of� yourself first.  Love yourself first.  Be yourself first. Nothing else matters.


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