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November 5, 2009

DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PYSCHIC            3 Nov 09

Full Moon was last night, but having back to back appointments all day long, I wondered if I would be able to even think about lighting a candle to focus on my own goals in mind. I started Halloweenie of course, and as candle magick goes, you need a momentum to achieve your desired outcome. I was able to find my way, with the beginning of a cold attempting to invade my body, to the site. that’s my dresser as my altar, and light the last of the candles. I know, I wasn’t quite as focused as I “should” be, but light it I did, and sit a few moments watching the flame stretch itself to let me know its more attentive than me.  I sat with eyes attempting to stay open, but little by little they did want to close. In this magick it is important to stay focused to, and I do teach that, so I read through my goals once again, closed my eyes, attempted to image what I desired, and said “ok, that’s enough” and snuffed the candles out.  They managed to make their way down to the end, and with today, or this evening, I will have put the magick of thought out to the universe to do its work.

Now, you may be thinking, how come I can’t just see it coming?  Oh, but I can, I reply back to you.  It’s just that I like to do the work too, and it is good to focus on my strengths as a “witchy” woman.  Yes, I did use the “W” word, but aren’t we all just a little bit that way. Think about how many women dress up as witches.  Quite amazing.  I, however, don’t dress up as a witch, simply because I want to be different.  I think about it, though. When I taught my class on Candle Magick last Thursday, I was a Celtic Faeorie, and I certainly was in my element…Haha, just a little fae humor.  Elementals, as you know.

My day was filled with synchronitics yesterday.  I had two clients back to back with the same name, and the same birthday.  Lots of Geminis. This is a common occurance I find. Signs go in spurts. I get a lot of the same signs at different times of the year.  I had two clients later with the same name again, an uncommon as well.

As far as Lakshmi’s message, she spoke of breath and the ocean.  People come to me and want to settle down. She had me share this with a few of my clients yesterday.

Life is Like the Ocean. The Ocean is never in a hurry. It Breathes deep and exhales herself upon the shore. If we allow ourselves to Breathe as She does, we will experience her calmness.


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