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November 9, 2009

ARCHANGEL ARIEL: Today is a good day to stand up! Stand for yourself! Take pride in who you are. Life is not always joyful. Yes, we do understand your unpleasant circumstances and uncomfortable situations that make their way into your lifes, sometimes like a storm that approaches from the sea without warning. However, as you ask me, I shall bless you with the strength to see beauty in your works. Think of the wind that blows so furiously in those storms!  Those trees bend sideways and get pelted with the roaring, thunderous rain, yet when the worst of the storm is over, they stand tall, beautiful, and in due time, bear fruit again. Ask me, Ariel, to assist you with your finances, your beauty, and care of the land. I, along with many of the angels will help you to find your way. Continue in petitioning me, and I shall sing with you, gifting you with�inner strength, rooting in you absolute faith in your inner beauty, prosperity, and the sharing of these gifts in wisdom.

Be Strong! Walk In Beauty!


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