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November 9, 2009

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PSYCHIC             9 Nov 09

Absolutely a long day! Yep, I’m stating that aloud. Rushing from one appointment to another starting with yoga, (getting centered), to signing paperwork for clients that are asking me to appear at their beck and call, and then driving to get myself in order again, head wise this time so I can do what it takes to be “web social”, and then�off again back to the other end of the valley, where I began to grab a few things to eat. After that, I rush home in just enough time to breathe, feed the dog & cat, walk the dog for a minute, and calm down to “channel” a message for a client. Wow!! How am I ever centered?  I Just do it!!  This, as we all know, is Nike’s Marketing genius. Now that I’ve shared my fun fulfilled day, let’s see what words of wisdom can come from this to share. Ah, I see many of you aching to respond, but what that won’t stop me from running to and fro tomorrow and the day after. Day in the Life is sometimes, no, many times like this. Believe me, I do stay centered for one client after another. Do I share how to stay centered and calm within the storm with my clients? I certainly do. Remember, our Guides and Angels want us to flow with the Universe, not blast thru it. So I will share the message that will be useful, and also a good reminder for those of you who will say I already know this, something I would think if I read my own blog.

This is the beginning of Rush Hour in a manner of speaking. I would suggest that we look at our little calendars and make a point of marking them with a day of rest .Oh I know in many places that day would be Sunday, or for other faiths, Saturday. However, do we really rest, or are we hurrying from one place to another. Calming effects are in reading in bed or something as cozy, lazing about the house (not doing chores), forget about  to shopping for groceries, or running the last errands before work again on Monday. I know, some of us do work on the weekends, so let’s just say our days off…

My thought for the day…Let go of “Hurry plus Worry”.  Our body will let us know if we are too overwhelmed.. ie  colds, no sleep, oops, our minds are still awake. A NLP (neurologist psychology) remedy for this, listen to what your voice is saying in your head, heed the advice, remember to thank those voices, and make a deal to just do it when you get up Monday.You will soon be able to close your eyes and sleep.  Feng Shui advises never to have TV in the bedroom, and along with that Laptops which represent work. I know if I start typing away, I look down at the screen clock and low and behold it’s yet another hour…so with that said, I have just turned into a pumpkin and I will see you next time.

Namaste and Sweet Dreams!


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