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November 11, 2009

The Archangel Uriel has been called “the Lord of powerful action”. Uriel personifies the Divine Fire that comes down from the Third Aspect of Deity–Universal Mind–penetrating each plane until It reaches the physical. There, the Fire ignites the fusion in the center of the Sun, the fission at the center of the Earth, and the kundalini at the base of the spine.  It creates worlds, universes, and life–which then await the quickening impulse of the Second Aspect to evolve and grow.

The Book of Enoch describes Uriel as “one of the holy angels, who is over the world… the leader of them all.”  Later we read in the same book: “Uriel showed to me, whom the Lord of glory hath set for ever over all the luminaries of the heaven… the sun, moon, and stars. He is looked as an interpreter of prophecy. He stands to the left of our protective shield when called upon do so. He sits in the North Gate, and is Seraphim under the Counselors of Angels. It has been said that he guarded Christ’s sepulchre.  His symbol is a scroll or book, which he carries in his hand.

Uriel’s influence is believed to peak during the summer months. Archangel Uriel stands guardian over the activities of the summer. He also supervises the Nature Spirits, those fascinating little sprites who inhabit the elements of earth, air, fire and water, and who lend so much to the beautification of all nature.

Therefore, this is a good time to petition him to ask how to care for the earth. Since he is the supervisor of Devas, and they need so much help to repair the earth, your prayers to Uriel will strengthen these elementals, making it possible to bless them with the energy needed to maintain our Mother Earth’s health.

For ourselves during this day, ask for his quickening to be with you to help you with your financial security, and the search for personal stability. He will bring you understanding, inner strength and wisdom to help you with your current responsibilities. He will help you resolve some of these problems during your sleep, so call on him before you rest. By understanding the natural laws of nature, and by giving thanks for those that help us to respect and love the earth, we will enter the new winter season with quiet confidence in our success, along with taking pleasure in our own responsibilities in our daily lives.

Blessings to you…


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