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November 16, 2009

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PSYCHIC –  If it’s to Be..  16 NOV 2009

Question of the day? How can I make myself bigger than the small tables I sit behind at each place to avail myself to my clients? I think this may be the dilema of alot of healers, mediums, psychics such as myself. I want to dupicate myself, or get my messages out farther than the tiny world I have created at that table or on the phone.  I have so many responsibilites aside from the clients I help, I find it  interesting how I can paint myself into a corner at times. Rambling on yes, because I am taking a moment to reflect on how I set goals to make things happen. You know, I can read in my journals some of the same goals I had years ago. So, being psychic and all, how can I make my life happen to when I am constantly assisting others to get on the boat and move ahead in their lives. I can tell you, I have felt joy and envy at the same time. I am not so above the human characteristic of wishing I was getting “the guy” or “the perfect job” or a “seemingly lottery win” which means a big raise or promotion.

The phrase If it’s to Be, It’s up to Me…well, what kind of a timeclock am I on. Must be Benjamin Button timing. The clock ticking backward going forward.  I look in the mirror, and state to my reflection, “come on you can do this, nodding my head up and down. My mantras include, “I am Very Successful”, “I Am Grateful”. “I deserve to receive great gifts” of whatever. I also chastise myself somewhat, (yes I do this alot), and say “Why are you choosing that again” meaning something isn’t a great choice and will create the same result…something that is beneath what I am desiring.  Sometimes, it’s good to overlook the annoying habits of a person to allow myself to get what I want. Funny thing is, when I “turn it around” and change the  belief or illusion the other person magically treats me different

This brings me to Zadkiel, Archangel of Forgiveness. He, along with many of the angels aren’t called on as much as they were in the past. I definately make use of their gifts. I will take all the help I can.


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