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November 17, 2009


NEW MOON is today, and I will comment on these as well as FULL MOON…Now, I know I could get astrological on you, but I would much rather, and will, channel the New Moons and let you know what the Goddess’ desire for us to do our Magick on.

This NEW MOON in SCORPIO is asking us to put our intentions out to the Angels and Celtic Goddess Brigit. It would be good to get a white candle and scry the side with a pin with Michael, Raphael, Uriel. They will help us to let go of the past beliefs we have in regard to our beliefs about money, relationships, and receive the healing we need. Celtic Fire Goddess Brigit will help to manifest your desires for career, and desires for home and hearth.

New Moon is the time to begin new project. New beliefs about our money is definately a great beginning.  Start with a white candle for purity, orange for success. For simplicity, just put your candle on a plate and light it.  Breathe slowly. Focus on the names of the angels, drawing out the end of their names. This will create a vibration to alert them to attend your magick.  Ask the Celtic Goddess Brigit to help manifest your wishes.  As you focus on the candlelight, write your wishes on paper.  Nine wishes maximum are allowed. Relax and focus on the candle do your best to visualize your disires, along with stating them clearly. When you are complete, snuff, never blow the candle out. Continue this for the next 7 days to increase the momentum of your magick.  Finally…Believe!! in your chosen wishes.  Give your wishes one full cycle of the moon to manifest. They will come true.

**The most potent time is the first 8 hours AFTER the exact time of the New Moon; within the first 48 hours. Don’t miss this opportunity to make wishes for goals you like to reach and experiences you’d like to have. The potency continues to exist for another twelve hours, but is weaker.


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