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November 20, 2009

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PSYCHIC                             20 November, 2009�

This is a true story that recently happened to me.  Doing what I do just about every day of the year, you can be sure that I am called upon for the “Fairy Godmother swoosh” to fix people’s problems.  Well, fix I do, but not always without a price. As with most good Mediums/Psychics/Healers�I have clients that have numerous problems, and as most true healers know, we are there to “hand hold” our clients and see them through many of their personal stroms. This is my calling and most of the time it’s weathered out in a great way.  This storm got out of control though. And sometimes even a respected Medium such as myself is kept out of the most intimate “loop” of a person’s life, even by Higher Realms.  I have learned through this particular story that if I knew every tiny bit of  information in a person’s life, I could not help the person as well as their guides and angels would like me to. After all, remember, I am human.

So, back to my story… My client, whom I will call Abby, is a person I have stood by through thick and thin.  When we met 3 years ago she asked if I could help her to be with the person she desired.  I told her I could help but assured her that we would not make this person come to her against his will. She could do prayerwork, intention work with the saying of, “this, or something better” to keep things in Divine hands. Plus, it would take time and patience on her part.  Every week she came and I channeled her next steps in her life to improve her self esteem, and teach her ways that would help her to become strong with her Deities.  We also kept track of what was going on in his life, whom I will to refer to as Jacob. And honestly, that is why people do come to see us.  My task is to channel correct information to assist the client to make the best choice. Through the months we talked. In fact, there were times she scheduled daily to get advise and check in on Jacob.  Not only this, but she had many other things going on in her life that I would channel for her and give her what her Angels wanted her to know.  However, there were times Abby was a wreck because Jacob wasn’t making any moves.  He was just sitting there.  He was in between in every area of his life.  He didn’t know what he wanted.  There were many conversations of calming down Abby. She wasn’t getting the “signs’ she wanted, and she wavered back and forth with her own faith in herself.  Time and again, I would get the Angels and Goddess’ message to “have patience, work on you, continue to let go of your attachments to the outcome.”

Channeling was so detailed and intense with her questions, I was given the day and time they would meet. Shortly after that channeling, Abby and Jacob got together on that exact day I saw.She called me and told me in her extremely happy voice they met within ten minutes of the time I told her they would meet. I must admit, I was happily surprised because after all, exact timing is hard to get, alone within minutes. After their meeting, I continued to hear from her for a little while, then silence. I had asked her to do her personal work and check in with her personal goals.  However, as most Mediums/psychics know, when the client gets their “prize” they disappear into the sunset and you may or may not hear from them until the next crisis.

Months passed and the next time I heard from Abby she told me they were going to get married,  just like I channeled for her 3 years previous. Abby was so excited!!! I was invited to the wedding which was going to be within the month. I spoke to her 2 days before the wedding. She was giddy with the anticipation that her dream of all dreams had come true.  Then the call came..Abby was hysterically crying…”don’t come to the wedding. There isn’t going to be one!  Jacob’s gone! He left me at the alter!  He doesn’t want to marry me!!! I can’t believe this! What is happening! Why! Why!” I couldn’t believe it myself. I was completely speechless. I quickly recovered,  and dove right in.  I was ready to help her put the pieces of her shattered life back together.   Through channelings we attempted to get her back on track. Again, days and hours of concentrated work and channelings were given to her.  This event was such a tragedy for her, however,  it was difficult to get her to listen to any of the guidance she was receiving.

This was the beginning of a year and a half of melt downs for Abby, and continuous hysterical behavior.  I was “on call” to her 24/7, spent hundreds of hours calming her down,  along with being just a listening ear.

In her world, she felt she had no one that understood her or what had gone on. Since I had been there from the beginning, Abby told me she trusted me to help her. No one understood the depth of the relationship with Jacob or anything else in her life as I did.  I agreed with her and said I would help to get life back. There were periods of healing for her, but some new storm would come up, and she’d have trauma all over again. Abby simply could not completely get over Jacob leaving her. This seemed to be the heart of the matter with her life.

She had many other issues too that caused her much pain and sorrow. Like our past association, we did channelings to help alleviate her pressures and calm her nerves. Step by step, she did her recovery work, and with time she seemed to finally get better. Abby did what she could to move on from this past event…

Now, to the point of this story…I found out that by accident, (of course it was no accident that I did find out, because the Angels did want me to know), she had secrets I was not aware of. There are so many sorted stories I don’t mention because of the privacy and confidentiality of this person, but aside from what I knew, the things that came out into the open I was and wasn’t surprised at the same.  When I found out the whole story of Abby’s life, a part of her life she would not admit to, I had to make the sad decision to not support her any longer.  It was difficult because I knew so much, had been there for much of her most private moments, happiness�and sorrows in every area of her life. By now, with all of the drama from Jacob leaving her life, and the other secret life she�had never completely revealed to me, Abby requested that I write a letter of recommendation for her to help in a situation she needed outside help with. I wasn’t ever asked in our years previous to do this, but her situation called for credibility.

First, I agreed, but then after thinking long and hard about the bigger picture, I changed my mind. I felt it would come back to haunt me, and would not be a good for me or the people involved with my life. When Abby asked for the written letter, and I didn’t give it to her, that’s when�she turned on me.Was I surprised by this, not really.   I knew from her previous behavior with her own life she might do something like this, but unfortunately she was on the rampage with me now. I did feel somewhat guilty. Should I have just done this. But then on the other hand, would a friend do this to you?  Only one that didn’t really care about me. She made the allegations seemingly as if I would not have anything to do with her. I had abandoned her.  Apparently, some of the things she said were so awful,  I was asked by others that support me in my business what was going on. I had to break some confidentiality to save myself. I wasn’t going to allow myself to be “thrown under the bus”. Unfortunately, this was her answer to me not writing her letter.

So the question is…where does confdentiality end? How close is too close in what I do? When your client’s trust you, do you keep it completely business, and forget to have any compassion at all?

Where is the line of love and the end of the line?

Lessons learned…Wounded Healer Syndrome isn’t for me. I have now made a pact with myself to maintain business as business. Will this take away from my Mediumship/Healer gifts. No.  In fact, I feel I will gain more respect from clients I have allowed to take advantage of me. I am no longer on 24/7 beck and call to clients. A regular schedule is purposeful so my channelings will stay in proper perspective. Knowing what everyone thinks is indeed a gift, but I am not anyone’s “dog and pony show”. I needed this lesson to remind me that I can’t so close to my clients that they “need” me every moment of my waking hours. This will assist me and my clients to maintain a “distance” along with a heathly relationship between us. Finally, don’t feel guilty if I don’t get every little detail from Spirit. It doesn’t mean I am not gifted in what I do, it reminds me that there is Divine Timing in certain circumstances. Had I known everything in Abby’s life, I probably wouldn’t have been able to help her as much as I did in the beginning. She would have felt too intimidated by me knowing her “secrets”.  She wouldn’t have done many of the assignments I channeled for her. She did make progress in her life, especially when she focused on herself alone. When this occured, she did better in her business too.

I must Let Go of the Wounded Healer Syndrome, and you can believe I Will!!


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