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November 24, 2009

STREGAPANDORA’S CORNER                                                  24 November 2009


You do a magick ritual, spell, technique, etc., and to your amazement (or maybe not) it works. In fact, it works very well. So you mark this in your magickal journal as a method you can use to achieve successful results. Each time you use the technique it’s successful! This is something that works.

So you use this method repeatedly. You don’t notice that the degree of success slowly decreases. In fact, you may be puzzled when you notice that this technique a magickal system that had worked so well isn’t working at all. How can this happen?

In a word, the answer is probably focus. When you do something repeatedly, it is common for it to become a habit. You do the techniques by rote, simply repeating the words and actions without even thinking about what you’re doing.

It’s good for the practice of magick to become a habit: Do magick regularly.

It’s not effective to let the practices themselves become a habit.

Part of magick involves the focus of energy. If you’re not focusing, if you’re just repeating what you always do, the energy isn’t there; the magick loses its power and effectiveness.

So if your rituals and magick are starting to fail, what can you do? Get out of the box you’re in. Simply put, try something new. Learn and perform a new technique.

Why will this make a difference? Your previous success has shown that you can already harness magickal energy and achieve goals. By trying something new you will have to really focus on what you’re doing. You’ll bring the focus back to your magick. And you’ll bring back your success.

Back to the Box

Once you are again successful, pay attention to what you’re doing with the new ritual. Become aware of the feelings, emotions, focus, actions, etc. of the new technique. Perhaps you can add extra rituals that you haven’t used before. Maybe you need a more intensive spell that you can attend to. Bringing all of your senses into play helps to manifest your magick more quickly. Asking different Deities that you may have thought about asking and haven’t requested would also bring different energy to your magic.

Childlike play is a good rule of thumb. If you think about the times you delved into your imaginative play you will be able to make the magick you desire come true. It is fun to make-believe.

Full Moon is on its way, so now you have a few tips on how you may be able to amp up your Magickal Power.




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