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November 30, 2009

Stregapandora’s Corner   1 Dec 2009   9:23am thru WEDNESDAY 5:27am



What a great time to go do relationship work. Sagitarius, grand “Santa” planet that it is, can grant us our wishes in a big, jovial way. Flirting with our Love Goddess, Venus will make this pairing something to talk about. Now place our twins Gemini in the mix for fun  conversation, and voila, we will be able to communicate our desires to the 10th degree! Christmas as you know is just around the corner so what shall we wish for this holiday season? How about something for ourselves? Ok, then…

Get a candle..preferably a Christmas green, bayberry would be nice. No jar candles, pillars are best.  Since this is Sag’s day, remember the bigger the candle the better. Remember, if you can’t get the color you need, white is always good. Take a pin and place your own name on the side. Put the sigil of  Venus on the one side, and the sigil of Sagitarius on the other. Dress, or anoint the candle with extra virgin olive oil. If you have your own essential oils or wish to buy some, vanilla is a good choice for Venus. Put a few drops of the oil in your hands, enough to anoint the candle.  Hold the candle and state your dedication to the Goddess Venus and while you anoint the candle from top to base three times, state your intentions with a strong focus.

Light the candle, and focus on you first.  Give thanks for all you have, and breathe. Relax and continue to focus. Talk to the Goddess, and let her know what “big” wishes and�desires you would like to manifest. Sag’s fiery nature will manifest your intention quickly. Since Venus rules beauty and love, these desires would be appropriate. Your love interests, your beauty requests, and your career.  The Goddess Venus would love you to ask to release your patterns of shyness, holding yourself back when you would like to advance in your life. If you feel like it, ask to increase your intuitive ablilities.

Talk, talk, talk since this is what Gemini does best. Talk yourself up to the Goddess, and believe that Big Wishes & Dreams do come true. When you feel complete, take a deep breath and close your eyes, breathe in all you wished for.  As you breathe out, let go, trust, and thank Venus for her blessings.

Snuff, never blow out the candle. For the next 7 days continue to light the candle, focus breathe, and review your wishes. You are increasing the momentum of energy, and becoming closer to Venus each day as you do this visualization. When you have completed the 7 days, you may continue to focus on the candle, or you can let it sit until the Solstice, and begin again to “amp” up your intentions. This work will manifest itself within 28 days, or one full moon cycle. When you get to the end of your candle, you must keep it on your alter or near you. This is important so you can be reminded of the work you did. You will see little changes all around you, and should feel differently about yourself if you did what Venus asked.

Remember, Sagitarius is mythical & magical, Gemini is a great conversationalist, and Venus is our Love Goddess! Believe in your Magick!!


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