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December 1, 2009

Michael, the Archangel that everyone knows. He is our Protector, he keeps our soldiers and police offers safe and out of harm’s way. He is our Strength & Warrior of Light. He will make sure that we are aware of Divine Timing. By the way, his personality is like Michael, the movie of the same name, staring John Travolta. Michael’s motto in that movie is much the same he asks of us, “you just gotta enjoy life”.  He likes us to challenge ourselves, stay true to our path, and keep moving forward. He will protect us from making decisions that would cause us to be less than we can be, and he surprises us with a prize of  benefits which will help sustain us financially as well.

As an Angel Channeler, I let my clients know how to start recognizing him in their lives. I have a client that wanted to have Michael help her with finding the�best job for her.  I channeled a message from Michael on how she could communicate with him easily.  Not to long after that, she told me how Michael comes and speaks with her. She told me, “I talk to him right before I go to bed.  By being in a quiet, more relaxed “space” I can hear him talk to me in my ear”.  She was excited to share with me that Michael was helping her so much.  She got a great job shortly after this.

It doesn’t take long to develop a personal relationship with Michael.  He is on top of everything and takes action quickly. He “cuts to the chase” and with the Divine Timing I spoke of earlier, things are seredipitously lined up. This is another thing Michael loves to do, line things up, that is. He loves order.

As you ask Michael to help you find your Path, follow your Heart, or Truth, and ask for Protection, I promise you will feel his presence increase in your life.


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