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December 1, 2009


It’s definately been a busy day.  Tomorrow will be Full Moon and I am looking forward to doing some of my personal intention candle work. I can feel the moon’s energy already, because here I am late at night busying myself with all of  my writing. I am pretty excited about the aspects of this full moon. Venus, Sag, and Gemini.  Ah yes, I will be glad to gather my goodies together and wish big. I do believe in Santa, I do, I do, I do, and Sag’s ruler, Jupiter is nice and expansive.  The Ho Ho Ho planet, that’s my nickname for Jupiter because I know if I wish BIG, it will be so.  I won’t be wishing for Christmas gifts as that is complete, but I will be asking for Lottery wins.  Metaphorically speaking.  I am practicing being grateful. It’s tried and true plus it does work! Let me quickly share;  I was very busy today in consultations, and I already received a nice Christmas gift from a client. December isn’t quite here either. HoHoHo!! Niiicccee!! Wonderful!!! Great affirmation of my “gratefulness” work earlier in the day. Tomorrow I will ask Venus to help me, and another Goddess that is a good helper, Cerridwen.  She is one of the Celtic Crones that can help me “shapeshift” into a new person. She is a kindly grandmother in my experience, with a great knowledge of herbs and other medicinal plants. Hecate, my Queen of Magick mentor will be included to add that extra umph to insure that I manifest my “big wishes”.

I hope that this will encourage you to do a little magick, because nothing could be better lined up for us to sneak a peek at what is under the tree.  Look in Stregapandora’s Corner, and you will find a simple magical practice to help you make your Biggest, Wildest Dreams come true..Merry Meet!


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