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Jade is a Master Tarot, Psychic Medium, Direct Angel Channeler, Reiki Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Native American Medicine Woman and Shamaness. Jade was born with intuitive abilities and was able to see her Guardian Angels & Ascended Masters by age 5. Raised in San Francisco & San Diego, she studied and practiced magical paths from the elders of these communities her entire life. Further, due to her extensive experience in the paranormal, ghost hauntings and spiritual expertise, Jade is often sought out to clear homes and communal buildings alike.  She also includes house blessings.  Jade has 20 years experience more than just “card” reading as the client’s Angels, Guides and Loved Ones from Beyond directly channel the messages through Jade. This brings comfort and the much needed guidance to those seeking spiritual advice.  In 1994 – 1995 Jade was certified in the 1st group in Utah and received Master Certificate in the Healing Art of Usui Reiki. She completed all levels, including Mastership in Karuna Reiki in 1996.  She has used these healing gifts to assist her clients.  Jade also helps with Past Life Readings and Soul Retrieval.  Jade’s intent is to bring these spiritual truths and assistance to her clients in a manner they can understand and apply in their everyday life.  Jade’s work is recognized worldwide. She has clients across the US and spanning the globe from India, Bali, Costa Rica, Brazil and Scotland to name a few of the places she is called upon to share direct guided messages.

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