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Coming Attractions

Jade is currently in the process of blogging, writing three books and creating CD’s all while working two jobs.

Jade is currently posting musings on:

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a psychic/channeler for a living? Sometimes humorous, sometimes frustrating and sometimes sad to see the heartbreak and disillusionment that are occasionally a part of life. Come along for the ride by reading her blog daily. Names, dates and incidents will be changed to protect the confidentiality of the clients. Some clients listed will be composites of clients, but overall you will get a feel and flavor to walk a day in her world. The first line of this blog will be “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PSYCHIC”.

  • Jade will also pick a card of the day and channel the message from the universe for the day in her blog posting titled  “ANGEL CARD”.

  • Stregapandoras’ corner – the occultic side of life.




1.     MANTRAS FOR DAILY LIVING – this will include OM Music�and Tonations

2.     You can also order a specialized CD from Jade to use in your daily life including

  •  increase your energy

  • clear your psychic and  emotional blocks

  •  and to help you in manifesting your dreams.




1.      FISHING FOR MEN:  a psychic’s perspective on relationships

2.     CHANNELINGS OF LAKSHMI: Goddess of Love and Abundance

3.     HEALING THROUGH CARDS: the meaning behind the Tarot, a channeled perspective.


If Jade’s readings or healings have helped you in any way and you feel you’d like to offer support to her either by love offerings or Donations please feel free to donate here, we are in the process of adding a pay pal to this page so that you can donate or preorder items.

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